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What we've done so far...

  • Raised over $14,000 from the Parkside community for groceries, supplies and other needs

  • Purchased over 300 sets of groceries/supplies for over 150 families and organized 40+ community members to help purchase/deliver (Spring Break and afterwards)

  • Coordinated with Parkside staff to create and implement protocol for reaching out to every family in the school to assess their needs, then contacted families in need to provide assistance 

  • Delivered furniture to families

  • Provided arts and crafts supplies to over 100 kids at Trestletree Apartments

  • Supported 25 families with obtaining internet 

  • Coordinated with APS staff to offer a different look into how systems work/don’t work for families and students

  • Coordinated with local community leaders

  • Connected with Metro Atlanta Mutual Aid to learn from their practices 

  • Read more about an important Parkside Community neighborhood: Trestletree and PCEC's Michelle Ampong's experiences while supporting the Trestletree United Tenants Association in the AJC, Dangerous Dwellings Series, Part 3.

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