We elected them to make decisions on our behalf, that means, they need to hear what decisions we'd like them to make!


Phone calls are best! Do what you can!

Calls/Emails need to be made ASAP (before 3/5/2021)


Chairman of House Rules Committee- Richard Smith (R) richard.smith@house.ga.gov

(404) 656-5141

Assistant’s info:

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Vice Chair of House Rules Committee- Matt Hatchett (R)


(404) 656-5020

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Speaker of the House David Ralston (R)


(404) 656-0265

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Download the Action Plan PDF here

(This event has passed. View recording on the Parkside Parent FB Group if you are a caregiver of a Parkside Elementary Student!)


Let’s get educated and get vocal about a proposed bill that could really affect Public Schools like ours: House Bill 60. Join the Parkside Community Equity Committee and Representative David Dreyer as we discuss and ask questions about House Bill 60 via Zoom on Monday, March 1st at 6:45pm.

6:45pm Introduction to state legislative process. How do bills even work? by our own Sara Totonchi
7:00pm: Rep. Dreyer joins to talk about House Bill 60
7:20pm: Closing/Questions/Discussion
7:30pm: Event ends


Read the bill here: https://www.legis.ga.gov/legislation/58867

See the Georgia Association of Educators thoughts on the Bill:

House Bill 60 5 2.png
House Bill 60 2.png
House Bill 60 4 2.png