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Show us your talents and skill! This is our virtual Parkside Community sharing space. Please work with your family members to share what they are GREAT at doing- what is your family’s favorite recipe? Do you have a family member who knows how to change a tire? Someone who knows another language? TEACH US!

This is a way for us to stay connected, get better connected while we're on break and still not in school together. If we get enough activity, it'll be like a moderated TicTok with just your neighbors!

Here are the rules:

1 Make a Flipgrid video or post with your caregiver, child or siblings!

2 No profanity!

3 Stay on topic!

4 We're all in this together because of school - so students, do your homework first!



Introduce yourself to the crew! Watch and submit videos from fellow Parkside Community members!


Caregivers Sharing tips! Watch tips from other caregivers and share what has made virtual better for your family!


Do you speak (or learning to speak) a language other than English? Show off your knowledge! Teach us some words, phrases, a song, or a lesson about a country that speaks that language!


What is a recipe special to your family or just something that you love to cook? Teach us the recipe!


What can you make or do? Teach us a lesson about anything you know about!  Some ideas might be- how to change a tire, how to needlepoint, how to build a birdhouse.


What book should we read next? Give us a commercial about one of your favorite books- any type! If you are willing to share your book, please note that in your commercial.


What dance can you teach us? Share your favorite dance and show us your moves!

Suggest a Topic

Thanks for submitting!

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